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“I am here and elsewhere”

“I am here and elsewhere”

In the in-betweens, the grey scales, the rope walker, that's where I find myself.
Floating on the ocean of cultures, histories, languages, and two polar opposite governments.
I am all and nothing.
I am here and elsewhere.

My identity, unlike my fingerprint, cannot be simply captured.
Your narrow mindedness tries to make a check box out of me.
To fit skin color with language, with body type and passports.
You try to define me and identify me by my accent, my features but I elude you.

My roots extend to the core of the earth, through time and space; blood, earth, and water.
You cannot uproot me.
I am not uprooted.
I am a continuous extension, a never ending embodiment, of where I've been and where I'm going.

I am a multitude of histories, generations that escape all binding texts.
You cannot bind me.
You cannot chose for me.
You cannot write me down as one or the other simply to console your ignorance.
I am all and I am nothing.
I am here and elsewhere.


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